I literally just started level 2 of the 30 day shred today and ya no wonder yall lose so much weight doin this shit. If i dont lose weight after these 10 days then theres no hope in lyf


You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

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Because of future roommates from Craigslist and rooming website trying to scam me after months and months of searching.

I’m going to ask this. Is anyone looking for a roommate? Or does anyone know of someone looking for a roommate? Message me details please, only serious messages (and don’t give me advice on anything I’ve done everything I can to look for places thanks) 

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I have this terrible habit of looking in the mirror after a week of healthy eating and exercise and expecting to see massive changes. Then i get discouraged and blah blah. I do see changes, but then i doubt myself? I need to not look in the mirror for another 3 weeks 😒😒😒

Aint weighing myself for a month this time. Usually i do it every two weeks but nah

From now till xmas gunna slay it

All you guys with your before and afters inspire me too much 😦 oh and motivate of course